Our Approach

Oscar Low

Co Founder cum Business Development Director

Oscar Low’s rare understanding of both talent acquisition strategies allowed him to lead a team serving more than 150 Human Resource Managers from both MNCs and SMEs. Realising a gap in the widening SME space, the nine-year veteran in Human Resource Solutions establishing and founded Talent Houz in 2018, a boutique recruitment consultancy firm specialising in recruitment for SMEs. A passionate individual when it comes to recruitment, Oscar thrives at assisting his clients achieve their business goals through robust talent acquisition strategies.

Ellys Low

Co Founder cum Recruitment Lead

Ellys Low’s exceptional eye for details has made her an instrumental part of Talent Houz’s recruitment team. A finance and economics graduate, Ellys’s keen eye for details and understanding of human psychology has allowed her to better help her client’s communicate what they want in an ideal candidate. A highly motivated and driven individual, Ellys’s greatest source of motivation is the creation of value for both the talent and their employer.

Established by, Oscar and Ellys Low, Talent Houz specialises in talent acquisition and contract staff solutions for SMEs and MNCs. These range from a wide spectrum of fields such as IT, Manufacturing, Retails, Sales & Marketing and Human Resources. A business unit owned by the TH Group, Talent Houz has been providing high quality talent acquisition services to the market for the past 10 years.


To be the most respected recruitment consulting firm in Malaysia.


To empower 100,000 companies in Malaysia to be equipped with the correct talents and to enhance the job seeking experience of job seekers in Malaysia.


Employees are the most valuable asset to the company. We highly value our employee’s comments and feedback and aim to curate a working environment where employees can give full play to their skills; work together and grow together; lead by example growing as a team, empower each other to strive through challenges.


Sticking to people-oriented and market-oriented principles. We work diligently, provide our customers with cost-effective and diverse services, always provide useful and constructive solutions to them in order to resolve their challenges.

Continuous Growth

Learning is the only certain choice in this era of uncertainty. We encourage our team to maintain a sense of agility; be committed to self-improvement; gear up to pursue synchronous development with the city and common growth with customers.


Integrity is our baselines of doing business, it creates trust among all of us, it is the constant choice to infuse every action with honesty, fairness, and respect for clients and colleagues alike. Always putting ourselves in the shoes of others.