Staffing Solution

Permanent Placement

Hiring talent who fit the company isn’t just about remunerations and benefits, different generation of people has different needs for their life as well as in the career environment. Here is where we come in, our consultants are equipped with in depth understanding of hiring trend and market insights, as well as industries knowledges obtain in daily basis effort. Our expertise and experiences allow us to guide our customer throughout the hiring process in order to get the right talent for their business.

Consultation Services

Talent Houz consultants will always be ready to service and propose your company with latest market employment trend to keep your employers updated.

In Depth Screening

Our recruitment consultant would be doing the hard work on filtering academic qualification, past working experiences and other significan’t criteria base on your requirement.

Reference Checking

We understand and measure the importance of attitude, personality and past working performance of each and every candidates before they join your company.

Company Background & Culture Assessment

In order to improve your employee retention, we will conduct a site visit to learn more about your company in term of working culture, working environment & etc to matchup the most right-fit talent for your business.